How to Stick with Loveless Marriage

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Marriage without love is totally lonely, hopeless, and bleak. But many people in this world are still living under the name of marriage but they do not love each other. Actually there are many reasons of why people will stay on that kind of marriage but do not want to end up that stuff. It could be something like a guy or a girl whom picked by father or mother, sex before marriage (which is pretty abandoned in several countries till today), or others. And they feel like stuck and trapped in the name of marriage itself due to they already have kids.

Even though this situation can occur to anyone in the marriage, but women will more likely experiencing this thing more often than man. Maybe this is just how the nature works. Do not worry because you are in the right page right now. Here are tips to survive in marriage without love.

Let the fear come inside and boost your passions
A person in an unhappy marriage due to loveless factor will feel afraid of what people say especially if they live in a close community and family. Even though there are many slogans which say “do not listen what people say” but the fact is we care about what they said. In sometimes it is terrible. And the other fact is people, included you, will always feel sorry and pity for every marriage which will end up at the divorce thing.
So, I bet you do not want to be the target of those pity things. You can be happy by your own way after all. And you always have passions to do something or at least hobby which should be thrown away since you are married. You can do “the forgotten” things to fill the blank.

Make your own move
The parent will always tell their daughters to be a good girl, kings, demure, polite, and stay away from any kind of confrontation. And this is also the first reason of why woman will stay silent and try to fix things in order to stay in the marriage without love. Of course they do not want blaming themselves if something happen in the marriage. And surely women will not put the blame on men because men work for the life of family. Happy or not happy in a marriage is the responsibility of two persons.

But, if you cannot be happy with those things anymore, do you want to hold on still? Marriage is like forever and if you stick with something which makes you unhappy so you have to be unhappy like forever too. What about it then?

Actually I do not agree and definitely will not suggest for every couple to survive in the name of marriage if you and your partner cannot be graceful and be happy. It is better to talk with your partner seriously about your feeling (and your partner’s too of course) rather than pretend to be happy in marriage without love.

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