Divorce; Causes and How to Stop It

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            How to stop divorce probably are the marriage tips that every couple want to know. Marriage is not only about getting through in happiness but also in a difficulty. When two people are married, maintaining the longevity is very important. However, divorce comes to be such a nightmare in marriage life. There are numerous reasons that can lead marriage couple to split up. Even simple problems could be a big trouble if both of them could not overcome it well. In order to prevent your marriage life into divorce, there are a number of divorces causes should know so that they could avoid it.

Causes of divorces
            Communication actually is vital element of relationship. The similar reason also comes into marriage life. Both of marriage partners should place communication in the top priority of their life. Bad quality of communication is the biggest problems in marriage life. If one partner fails to realize that there is a problem in the marriage and keep it through without care about his or her partner, it actually is the starting point of marriage clash. That is why, every single problem that related to marriage should be communicated each other so that result would be satisfying both sides. Although both of you are busy with your own schedules, make sure to have short yet high quality of communication. Take benefits to talk with your partner whenever possible. For instance, you can have talk when you are watching TV together or while preparing meals. Good communication is not only should be founded on honesty but respect each other is an important thing as well. Having good communication is one of the key points on how to stop divorce

Commitment is another crucial thing in a marriage. It requires both sides to commit so that marriage could long last. Maintain he conformity and have good effort to support each other are required in marriage life. If only one side which have positive commitment while another one neglects it, it is most unlikely for marriage to long last. Disloyalty is another factor that also causes divorce. While some marriages partners are able to overcome all the problems and difficulties together, some other choose to cheat behind their partner in order to achieve their individual satisfaction without feeling guilty with their partner. People who cheat on a spouse are actually an egoistic person. Hence, it is not surprising if disloyalty also one of the biggest reasons for divorce.

Tips to make relationship go through
            Besides knowing the common causes of divorce, you also should do special things sometimes in order to prevent your marriage from split up. Making a special event on your partner important day could be an effective way to maintain your marriage longevity. For instance, you can make surprising party on your partner birthday. You can invite other family members, close friends, or just spend it only both of you. This is the way that you can do to show your care to your partner. Giving a bouquet of flower when your wife does well on her work project is the way you show your support to her. Sharing the same interest is also effective to let the relationship through. Watching favourite movie in the weekend is a simple yet effective way to make your marriage last forever. If your husband like to watch basketball matches, you can bought him a ticket and accompany him to watch their favourite sport. If your wife loves cooking, you can every now and then help her with new recipes. Having a quality time by sharing the same preference will able to know each other more and it becomes a good way on how to stop divorce.

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