Things to Know before Marriage

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Marriage is the happiest thing for a couple but before that you need to know what the things you need to prepare. By knowing what you need to prepare before married, you can manage everything. The most important thing is that you are ready to face a new life called marriage. In fact, there are several important things to do before marry which commonly missed by couples. 

before marriage

Come to a premarital education class
It seems that you are too busy to manage catering, decoration, invitation, wedding ring, and many more. Because of this, you don’t have time to go to a premarital education class. For your information, married couples who come to a premarital education class can keep their marriage than couples who don’t come to this class. This is because you will learn anger management, communication, conflict management, and how to improve the quality of your marriage. It is worth it to do and spend your time to come to this class while preparing the wedding party. 

Learn from parent or older couples
Sometimes, you don’t want to ask about marriage to your parent or older couples because you think that it will be different. It is true that there will be something different but it is better for you to learn from your parent or older couples. They know well about marriage and you can learn it to improve your experience. Mostly, you can also learn about wisdom and how to keep your marriage from their story. 

Consider about partnership
Marriage is no longer about you but it is about you and your beloved couple. You have to be wise to take any kind of decision and sometimes you also need to reduce your ego. You need to learn about it and some of married couples forget to consider about partnership in their marriage. 

Discuss about what you want in your marriage
There are a lot of things to discuss before marriage. One of them is about your thought about marriage. You need to discuss about the goal, the purpose, your principals, and many more. This is including deciding about roles and responsibilities. Don’t be ashamed to apologize if you do mistakes. The most important thing is that you have to solve the problem right away and make sure that the problem is clear. 

Ask yourself about the reason of marriage
It is also very important to do before your marriage. This is because marriage is not only about sexual intercourse. It will be more than that. It is about long lasting relationship with your couple and you need to know why you have to choose him or her and what you want to do with him or her after marriage. When you know the reason, it means you can prepare your marriage and the big possibility is that you can keep your marriage. 

Learn about financial management
Don’t forget to learn about financial management before marriage. You need to decide about the flow of your money. You also need to decide whether your wife has to work or not. If it is not, it means you have to get more money. On the other hand, as a wife you also need to learn about how to manage the money from your husband. If you think that you can’t do it and confuse about it, you can just go to the financial consultant first and learn something about financial management before and during your marriage. 

Discuss about children
It is true that you will have children after married but it is also better to discuss it before marriage. In this case, you have to discuss whether you want to have a kid or not. If you want to have children so you can discuss about how many children you want. If it is not, you have to give strong reason to your couple.

In the end, marriage is not as complicated as you can imagine. Those things above will help you to get better marriage and the most important thing is that you can be happy with your marriage.

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