What Women Want in a Man

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Knowing how women feel when it comes to relationships can be very effective in maintaining a long-lasting relationship. Most women love fairy tales and romance movies or books because they are miserable romantics. They love stories of men defying the odds to win the woman of their dreams. They dream of their prince charming in shining armor to fall down their knees and woo them. Men should know what they want to be able to connect with them. Knowing what she really wants makes it easier for men to win a woman's heart. The following tips can be very useful to know what women really want from their men.

  •  A man who really listens. Listening indicates respect and appreciation for the other person. Many women say that the number-one reason they start seeing someone else, or if married, have an extramarital affair, is because the other man was a willing listener (and her guy wasn't).
  • A man who is intelligent. A woman feels more secure when she knows her man is intelligent enough to make his way in the world. She also knows she will never be bored living with someone who's always learning and can broaden her horizons.
  • A man who cares about his appearance. Women don't care as much about six pack abs as men think. However, they do not want a man who is sloppy about his appearance. All else being equal, women assume that a man who is sloppy about his appearance will also be sloppy about other things in his life.
  • A man who satisfies me sexually. Sex is extremely important to a healthy relationship The stronger the emotional connection is for women, the stronger the physical connection can become. A woman wants a man who will take the time to get to know her body and make her feel that she can relax and completely let go with him.
  • A man who enjoys my interests. The saying that "opposites attract" is not at all true. In fact, that only works for magnets. Women and men alike want someone who is willing to share at least some of their recreational and social activities. If a woman likes animals, for instance, and you refuse to bond with her dog you will not be together very long.
  • A man who is romantic and affectionate. One of the ways women feel connected to men (outside the bedroom) is through touch. Handholding, for example, makes women feel loved and desired. Little displays of romance—cheek kisses, handholding, or a touch on the small of her back—are very important to a woman.
  • A man with a stable career. A successful career means "safety" and "security" for women who are seeking a soul mate. Even independent women desire the luxury of being able to take time away from their own work if the needs of the family require it. Almost all women want a man who is financially stable. They don't want to date a man who hasn't quite "gotten himself together" yet.
  • A man with a great sense of humor. You don't have to be a stand-up comic, but being able to see the funny side of life and not being so serious goes a long way toward future happiness. When a woman is stressed out or tense, she revels in having a man who can listen to her but also make her laugh so she can more easily change her mood.
  • A man who is willing to help out. Women often do enjoy taking care of their man. That could mean cooking for him, buying him something he needs, or sending his mother a gift when he is too busy. However, resentment will build if he doesn't reciprocate when she needs a little help. A man will score many points if he volunteers to help with her car, take her pet to the vet, or simply take something off her "to do" list when she feels overwhelmed.
  • A man with a positive attitude. Just like men dislike drama, women dislike having a man who is negative or can't "go with the flow" when things go wrong. Many men don't realize how important their overall attitude is. Women tend to be the more emotional sex, so they will gravitate toward the guy who can always find the good in any situation.

Attentiveness is what she really needs from her man. Most women wish their men to focus on them. She may not say it or demand it from you in an obvious manner but women love to have your thoughts, your time and your complete attention. It is true that life is not all about love life and there are many things that can distract men such as work, friends and hobbies but despite of all these things, you have to make her feel that she is more important and you think about her even if she's not with you. You also have to give her your 100% attention if she is with you. Send her desired flowers or food at work or stop by her office and take her out for her lunch break once in a while. Do not gaze at other women especially when you are with her. It is not the things that you gave her that makes her feel special but the efforts and the attention you've been giving her.

What she really wants from her man is the thoughtfulness. You remember even the petty details about her that most people don't care about. Knowing the type of movies she loves, books she usually read, her shoe size, her favorite flowers, her family members' birthdays or parents anniversaries, her daily coffee order, how she likes he egg done, etc. Remembering small details about a woman makes her feel loved. It is a sign that you really care and interested in what makes her happy. Every woman's heart could melt with that kind of man.

What she really wants from her man is his appreciation. Many women are not that confident with their looks and their personalities so what they really want from their man are the feeling that they are admired and desired. Make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman for you. But of course you have to be sincere about it and not just for the sake of making her feel good. Compliment her with her best physical features like her hair, her skin and everything you find adorable about her and even her admirable traits like her caring nature.

What she really wants from her man is his love. Women need to feel and hear that they are well-loved. Most men are not respectable at expressing their feelings of love and they are not vocal about it but women want their men to be expressive and vocal about their care towards them. Love can be expressed in so many ways but she also needs to hear the words "I love you" from you so you need to be voiced with your feelings. She needs to be reminded that you are still in love with her. If you doesn't do or say things, she will get worried that you have fallen out of love.

Relationships need to be nurtured to last and it is important that you know how to make your partner feel being loved to keep your relationship. Keep the romance alive in your relationship.

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